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So what on earth are Shonkymaps?

Shonkymaps are a set of unofficial Garmin compatible topographic maps that cover the whole of Australia.  The author was not satisfied with the Garmin base map that came with the Garmin gps, and at the time there were no other topographic products either official or unofficial.  He created his own set of downloadable topographic maps as a hobby / labour of love.  The data is the 250k scale set from Geoscience Australia ( and is licensed for non-commercial use.  The author makes these maps available to other Garmin users as a favour on the understanding that the user abides by the copyright agreement and there is no support other than that provided by other users on the forum.  If the maps work for you and are useful for your requirements then great.  If they don't work, and break your garmin then you have been warned.

This is the same mapset that some unscrupulous users on ebay are trying to sell under various names such as
Australian Explorer GPS Topo Maps for Garmins

If Shonkymaps don't work for you perhaps you could try the free Open Street Maps... or perhaps you might want to pay out some real money for a commercial product instead, such as Garmin 'Topo Australia', or 'OzTopo'.