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Screen Shots

This page shows some sample shonkymaps on the PC and the Garmin GPS Unit (a GPSMap60CS).  Click on each image to see a larger version.

Kata Tjuta (the olgas)
Kata Tjura, Northern Territory (The Olgas)
Just East of Cleve, South Australia
Cape York (Tip)
Tip of Cape York Peninsula, Queensland
Orbost - 15km zoom
Orbost, Victoria at 15kms Zoom Level
Orbost at 3kms Zoom Level
Orbost at 700m zoom
Orbost at 700m Zoom Level
Gippsland at 20kms Zoom Level
Birdsville Track Map
Birdsville Track & Diamantina River, SA
Karratha and Damiper area
Karratha & Dampier Area, Western Australia
Photo of GPS60CS showing shonkymaps
GPS60CS displaying shonkymap
garmin unit showing shonkymap
Photos of the Garmin GPS with shonkymaps loaded